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Person centred thinking made a difference

Person centred thinking made a difference

Author: Tautoko Support Services/Thursday, 19 May 2016/Categories: Options

“I never truly thought I would ever ride a bike again, but here I am.”

I had always been a very independent hardworking man, a good pastry chef in a bakery in Motueka. Life was good.

In one day life changed, I felt weak and but still got on my bike and went off to work. Biking along I got pins and needles, my arm went numb, then the rest of my body started to go numb. Someone called an ambulance and I was taken to Nelson hospital, I was in isolation in the ICU where all sorts of tests were taken. I was then diagnosed with Guillen Barrie Syndrome. The Doctor explained to me that I will have ongoing weakness in my upper and lower limbs but I was determined to get better and back to work as I slowly increased my strength I was introduced to Neighbourhood Connections.  By this time I very weary of meeting new people. I shared a little about myself but didn’t trust them so was careful.

Then The lady seen all the writing I had done in my books and we got to talking about that and how I write everything down as it’s just what I do my memory isn’t the same as before. She showed me some papers they were called Person Centred Thinking Tools. They broke the ice, What’s Working, What’s not? What’s important to me, What’s important for me? Monthly Goals! I was off. Through the use of these tools I was able to explain myself, who I truly am and was, I learnt to trust Neighbourhood Connections.

“I had no family to support me through Guillen Barrie Syndrome. Neighbourhood Connections became my support, I wouldn’t be here without your help. I am ready to realise my dream of living independent, working and returning to my Whanau as a person recovered from Guillen Barrie Syndrome.”

Tera Manihera

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