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Events Organisers

Events Organisers

Author: Tautoko Support Services/Wednesday, 15 June 2016/Categories: Options

During 2015, Jed, Ashley, Bryce and recently Jolene have taken on the role of ‘Events Organisers.’Developing friendships, being able to speak up, improving personal relationships and being able to make decisions and choices are some of the goals of the organisers.

Following on from a celebration in 2014 to celebrate 15 years of Tautoko Services (Neighbourhood Connections) and to recognise the merger of Tautoko and Options, Ashley, Jed and Bryce started to talk to Lisa who supports them all individually about having more great ‘get togethers’.  

Lisa (support person) stated “they were very anxious, very quiet and nervous at first. Lots of planning and meetings went into the first two events but for the final gathering of the year only two meetings were needed to get the job done! Over the past year I have seen an amazing change in all of them. They have become more confident, chatty and relaxed not only in their group but also at the party’s in a larger group. The group designed all the fliers that go out to people. The events have given everyone a chance to get together in a fun relaxed environment, meet new people, improve social skills and learn the art of conversation!”  

When I asked the organisers why they wanted to do this and what they have got out of it, this is some of the responses I got: Jolene “Been lots of fun and gives people a chance to network” Jed “Having an event to go to is really good and a chance to meet people” Ashely “It feels good seeing everyone here, I feel like I have achieved something and it has helped with my confidence. Bryce "We all have our own struggles and "woo-hoo" moments. I've loved gadgets most of my life. This year, I have enjoyed putting the events together. Where people can meet and enjoy life together."  

The ‘Events Organisers’ are already planning the ‘Easter Gathering’

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